What is Advanced White Teeth Whitening Home Kit and How Does it Works?

Your smile is your superpower that creates magic. As it is said that, a smile is a key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart, but it must be healthy. And a healthy smile comes with good dental care and healthy teeth.


Have you ever wondered, why most of the superstars and supermodels look so appealing? One answer is their flawless white shiny teeth that creates that magic smile. Sparkling white teeth are always fashionable and in style.


Do you want to also have healthy white sparkling teeth? Today, having yellow unattractive teeth can be a detriment to your social and business success. Because of this teeth whitening procedures and products have increased tremendously. Everyone wants to have bright white teeth and a beautiful smile. In today’s marketplace, there are so many teeth whitening products to choose from. These include teeth whitening toothpaste, gels, whitening strips, home whitening kits, laser treatments. Which method to choose from can be confusing.


Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. Advanced White is a leader in teeth whitening. With 6 clinics in the Toronto GTA we know a thing or two about teeth whitening. For clients who prefer to do their teeth whitening from the comfort of their home, we have created a professional teeth whitening kit that is safe, effective and very affordable.

What is our Teeth Whitening Home Kit and how does it works?

Our professional teeth whitening kit includes: 1x 16 Bulbs Duplex Mouth Tray LED BLUE Light (activates the whitening gel to remove stains on the teeth and whitens them efficiently Plug into your phone, Android or iPhone, or USB port at any time. No charging required. No need for batteries. It’s safe, effective, pain free, portable and convenient). You get 1 Enamel Booster and Desensitizing Pen. (Used after whitening to seal the enamel and eliminate any sensitivity issues). You get 3 Professional Dental Grade Teeth Whitening Pens. (A perfect balance of effectiveness and sensitivity issues). You get one Shade Guide. (To show your before and after results).

Simply apply our professional dental grade teeth whitening pen on your teeth, put the LED Blue Light on your teeth, wait about 15 minutes, and you’re done! Safe to use, you can repeat this once or twice a day until you get the glowing white smile you’re looking for.

Teeth Whitening Home Kit from Advance White is one of the best teeth whitening products to whitening your pearly whites and get the beautiful smile we all love to see. Why not take advantage of the special promo with an additional 20% off the already discounted price of $99. Free shipping in the US, visit teethwhiteninghomekit.com.

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